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The Selvadge jeans are available in five different fits, and are devoid of whiskers, finishes and extraneous grommets. What you get is a pair of raw denim which starts off as stiff and rigid, but with prolonged wear would eventually mold to feel almost like second skin.

“Our jeans are made to last and are an investment to a sustainable future. As our bodies are constantly changing, we want our jeans to adapt to those changes and evolve with us along the way. The double position waistband allows the wearer to adjust the size to adapt to small changes in our bodies over time, saving you the hassle of buying a new pair with each change and creating a lower negative footprint on the environment due to less consumption of resources to produce more pairs.”

The attention to detail is fantastic—a hidden double button closure makes sure you get the right fit every time, the fifth pocket can hold even the largest iPhone, and the red interior accents add some personality. {see images below}

You can buy Selvadge jeans on their website, or, if you are anywhere near Brooklyn, you can also visit their pop up store there right now until December 24th.

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