This is an interesting video from Selvadge, about how much effort, time, love, and dedication it takes to create a single pair of jeans.

Because sometimes, when looking at at our jeans, we do wonder how they were made, how they were cut and produced ….I am always newly impressed when I realize how many steps there are from the moment the fabric is cut until the jeans are ready.

Here’s a bit of insight about the making of the Selvadge jeans:

“Each pair is handcrafted from selvedge denim woven right here in the United States. The denim is cut into 26 separate pieces before coming together again to make your pair. Our jeans are never pre-washed, keeping the denim as fresh as possible in its raw state. This allows the pair to adapt over time, making each pair distinct and unique to the wearer. This water-less approach allows us to conserve almost 2000 gallons of water per pair during the production cycle to help keep our planet clean and hydrated.”

You can buy Selvadge jeans on their website.

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