SOORTY Denim VIP Skinny Jeans in Tereza Review - front

Hey guys! I am so glad to be back with a fresh review for you to read! This time it is about a pair of jeans by SOORTY. There have been a few posts about this company on our web-site and by now you probably know that it is not a denim brand but a denim mill that works with many worldwide retailers like ZARA, Mango, H&M, etc. Yes, SOORTY may have been a brand new name for you but there is a good chance that you already own and love at least one pair of their jeans 🙂

SOORTY is certainly one of the most innovative denim manufacturers with new technologies always in the works. One of their latest launches is “Denim VIP” which is the denim used for the pair of jeans that was specifically made for me. My skinnies feature the Tereza fabric from the “Denim VIP” capsule and I must say it is quite awesome. During 4 years with Denimology I’ve accumulated a lot of jeans in my wardrobe and these definitely get one of the highest rankings for comfort. The material has a very luxe “touch” (which totally fits its VIP name) and has an unbelievably soft, almost velvety surface. Thanks to such plush hand feel they are really pleasant to wear even for hours upon hours. It also has a great amount of elasticity which gives you plenty of freedom to move and minimizes seam imprints on your skin (those are never good) even in super skinny silhouettes. With that said, Tereza doesn’t feel rubbery or gummy whatsoever which I truly appreciate.

Besides all of those fab qualities Tereza is actually quite a pretty fabric. As you can see my skinnies are done in an easy indigo wash with tonal stitching and just some wrinkling on the back of the knees and below the front pockets. They don’t need any more “bells and whistles” – the simplicity really showcases the beauty of the denim itself.

And though this pair is custom-made for me I just cannot leave out how great the fit is! Seriously, SOORTY did a really great job developing these skinnies. Comfy waistband, flattering back and tummy-camouflaging higher front rise – all features of superb construction.

I just want say a big “thanks” to the SOORTY team for this great pair of jeans. I truly enjoyed writing this review about them and certainly will be stoked to wear them as well. In fact I already came up with a “tough task” for these skinnies – a 12 hour flight (in coach :-() to LA for a short vacay for which I am sure they will be perfect!

Hope you enjoyed my SOORTY Denim VIP Skinny Jeans in Tereza review and we’ll see each other again soon! You can read more about SOORTY at their website, here.

SOORTY Denim VIP Skinny Jeans in Tereza Review - back

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