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Browsing in the Opening Ceremony Store here in NYC, I came face to face with this denim outfit – on a dude! Oh well, whatever floats his boat, was my thought. But when this outfit kept popping up in my head, I decided to investigate. The skirt? or whatever this is, is called Scants. When I looked it up on Google, the definition was:

  • Scant is an adjective meaning “barely sufficient”.

So now I am totally lost, in my opinion these Scants are much more than “barely” sufficient, I would even say they are abundant!

They are by the Los Angeles brand called 69.

– “69 is a non-gender, non-demographic clothing line. All products and garments are manufactured in Los Angeles, California. 69 is timeless and classic yet made in our present and meant for the future.” –

Check them out here and let us know what you think – would you wear denim scants?

denim scants

denim men

double denim

denim men