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Damsel in Dior in Joe’s Distressed Skinnies

Damsel in Dior in Joe’s Distressed Skinnies

Damsel in Dior in Joe's Distressed Skinnies

It seems that ripped up and destroyed skinnies were made for the summer, but they still ooze plenty of style for any other season! They might be a bit breezy for colder months, but they still look awesome paired with a sweater and long jacket. Here’s Jacie Duprie of Damsel in Dior in Joe’s distressed skinnies, illustrating my point! Although she isn’t dressed totally for super cold weather, I know these jean would look just as cool tucked into some tall boots in the snow. Joe’s is well known for their beautifully distressed, vintage styles, and although Jacie is wearing an older pair, there are still plenty of pieces to choose from. Two alternatives would be the #Hello Vixen Ankle Skinny in Perla (which is perfect if you are an iPhone user), and the Icon Skinny in Seneka. Jacie knows how to dress up her distressed Joe’s skinnies well, with a basic striped top, black blazer, black bag and black shoes. These don’t need a whole lot of detail as they do very well making an edgy statement all on their own!

Damsel in Dior in Joe's Distressed Skinnies - Top View

Shop the two alternative pieces listed above or shop all of Joe’s skinny jeans here. Visit Damsel in Dior here.

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