Edward ZO in Cult of Individuality

We already know how awesome Cult of Individuality is when it comes to totally unique washes, cuts, detailing, and of course quality. We talk a lot about women’s denim, because of course, there is usually a bigger market for the variety of style that is available. However, apart from a few select brands that have established their strong focus on men’s jeans in the past, other brands have amped up their realizations that men like to look amazing as well! Cult of Individuality is one of those brands that you can count on for not only incredibly unique style, but also quality (they carry a huge men’s selvedge line, after all), and we recently spotted YouTuber Edward ZO in Cult of Individuality. He is showing us just how rad the Rocker Slims are…no matter how you choose to style them. Any piece from this brand is that statement bit that makes all the difference when you feel like you’re in a style rut on a workday morning or before hitting the club!

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