Luvk in Robin's Biker Jeans, moto jeans, denim women

Singer and songwriter, Luvk (pronounced Luck) was having a good time at the Robin’s Jean store, trying on their irresistible, totally insane, and totally “outside of the box” jeans. Yeah, the thing with Robin Chretien, owner, founder, and creator of the Robin’s brand, is that he is not overly concerned about fashion. His main concern is to create exceptionally unique jeans, both for men and women, and invent [email protected] denim treatments and washes – there is nothing like a pair of Robin’s jeans to make you stand out in a crowd.

So Luvk, was one of the lucky ladies to score a pair of these very eye-catching silver jeans shown here. They are a pair of the “New Motard” biker jeans in “Decal Silver”, which you can buy on the Robin’s Jean website.

If you happen to be around any Neiman Marcus, you can also find Robin’s jeans for dudes, but otherwise, they are only sold in their own stores.

And another thing: the Robin’s jeans are never on sale, so even you you might think that you are spending more than you would have liked to, remember you will be buying a very unique pair of jeans that will always maintain its price and not be “given away” for any less ever.