Good day my fellow Denimologists!

How do you improve upon the PRPS brand that many consider to already be at top of the denim industry? It’s almost unfathomable to conceptualize how the denim wizard behind PRPS continues to churn out pair after pair of high quality, one of a kind jeans! Well, Donwan Harrell does just that with his unparalleled Noir label and the PRPS Noir Barracuda Selvedge Adhara Jeans.

Straight out of the box, I knew this pair of PRPS Noir Barracuda Selvedge Adhara Jeans was going to be unlike any other pair of jeans I’ve ever put on! Like many of its brothers and sisters, this pair of Noir jeans is built on a foundation of Japanese selvedge rope denim from the Kuroki mill. It conforms to the standard Barracuda cut: a low-rise, straight leg, regular fit. My size 32 Barracuda Adharas measurements came in at 18 inches at the knee, with a 17 inch leg opening, and a 9 ¾ inch front rise. The 34 ½ inch inseam provides plenty of leg length; I can customize my look by rocking cuffs, stacking it, or by pulling it over boots as I did in my photo shoot. The first feature that simply screams at you is the ombre fade. According to Mr. PRPS himself, the clustered roped yarn is dipped dyed twelve times to create a dark cast of indigo in the warp fill of the fabric then finished with a denim wash to achieve the opposing reverse sun fade from bottom to top. Light whiskers trickle down from the pockets and lead into some distress work above the knees. I spotted subtle, dry brushed, burnt amber paint splattered randomly (…or is it) throughout.  There is so much depth to these jeans; every angle has layers of work to be admired. I really dig the double imprint that runs along the outside seems. Turn over your cuff and you will find your proof that these jeans are indeed selvedge. You will find a few PRPS signature details on the back side as well. There’s a tiny zigzag stich with a black flag under the folded and reinforced back right pocket. PRPS has so much confidence in what it does that the sun dried deer hide leather patch remains unbranded; it goes without saying who makes these jeans! It’s simply remarkable how Donwan and his team can take a pair of jeans, make them look like I’ve been wearing them for fifteen years, and maintain such a high level of feel and comfort!


During past field tests, I’ve made sure to test my jeans functionality on the dance floor and during my adventures. For my Barracuda Selvedge Adhara jeans, I had a difficult time letting even a drop of rain land on my denim. Ironically, these jeans are ripped, distressed and stained and here I am worried about getting them any “dirtier.”  Since it’s been pouring rain non-stop up here in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to turn my hallway into a runway!  Some might call it coincidence but I call it fate.  The size and cut of the Adharas could not fit me any more precisely. Personally, I prefer straight leg jeans over the trendy slim fit/skinny jeans.  I’m always on the go, so the extra room and maneuverability the Barracuda cut provides suites me well.  The classic five pocket design accommodates my needs and I absolutely love the depth in and reinforcement of the back pockets.  The belt loops certainly won’t be used much considering how well these jeans fit at my hips. I must say, I’m excited for the semi-sunny days ahead when I can slip on my Adharas, pair them with a button down or sweater and stretch my legs once again on the streets of Portland.

Ultimately, the Noir label was created to elevate the PRPS brand even higher and to further differentiate itself from the rest of the industry.  The PRPS Noir Barracuda Selvedge Adhara Jeans is a prime example of the purpose of the Noir label.

The PRPS Barracuda Selvedge Adhara Jeans are available: Here