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PRPS’s founder and creator, Donwan Harrell, has been featured in an interview by RIVET, and it gives us some awesome insight about Donwan’s love and passion for creating his very unique and outstanding denim. He is always searching, always experimenting and never stops in his quest to design yet another pair of truly outstanding jeans.

My only complaint (and that of all the Denimology ladies) is that he stopped doing women’s jeans a few years ago. The women’s denim market is in dire need of your jeans – hello Don!! 😉

– “Donwan Harrell’s career is the stuff of legends. After graduating from Virginia Commonweath University, he went to work for menswear designer Robert Stock, followed by DKNY and then Nike. He was promoted at Nike as the director of OTS and lived in Asia for five years designing World Cup and Olympic uniforms for the performance giant.

After his stint abroad, he returned to the U.S. to launch clothing company Akademiks——which he grew into a $130 million business before licensing the company out. In 2002, he founded his high-end denim company PRPS and has been there ever since designing denim that sells up to $1,200.” –

Rivet spoke with Harrell about the difference between premium, designer and luxury denim, the state of denim retail and where he continues to draw inspiration for his collections.

You can read the complete article here.