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We found this article about PRPS Noir by Donwan Harrell in the Japanese Mag Free & Easy. It was a bit tough to have it translated, as you all can imagine, but we have tried! 😉

It is all about the mix of American-made and Japan-made denim, a combination that has incredible results. Combining the American know-how and the Japanese technique and style is really something Donwan Harrell, founder and creator of PRPS, has striven to achieve ever since he started his brand.

“It is the shade and the washing of denim that I emphasize, besides the quality of the denim, and the style, of course”, Donwan Harrell said.

“My Commitment to Japanese style started long ago. In 1994, I came across the Japanese-made jeans in the American Village in Osaka, Japan. When I saw the products that truly represent the American Heritage style, especially in the details, it inspired me totally. I was greatly impressed at the authentic representation of the good old American-made products including the fabric, texture, and the Indigo deep blue shade. That was my major starting point.”


Donwan Harrell, born in 1970 and originally from North Carolina, became an independent entrepreneur after his impressive career at major brands including NIKE. He started PRPS by taking advantage of the wide field of knowledge and experience he gained from traveling, and from the fashion industry. In particular, he has a reputation for processing denim influenced by Japanese fabric and production. In recent years, he was chosen to be the 125th anniversary designer of Lee.

The Jeans

Processing denim patchwork in a variety of fabrics, one that also said the true value of the PRPS. PRPS uses Japanese denim fabric and are finished in a factory in Kojima. “The idea behind our jeans is to mimic my high school years writing memories, day dreams and thoughts during my class time. This would happen during a school year when I’m bored in class with plenty of scribbles, daily doodles, and repair.”


PRPS has a great reputation in processing denim through full use of distressing and washing techniques. The noticeable details include rusted rivets spun in satin, purple stitching, folded back pockets and braided leather (woven leather). PRPS released “PRPS Noir” as their top line of ithe PRPS collection. The denim used to produce PRPS Noir jeans is made by Kaihara and produced in the Holy Land of denim = Kojima.

PRPS Noir jeans are available here.

{note from the editor: see below Donwan Harrell, “Mr. PRPS”, dressed in a pair of PRPS Noir jeans O.M.G.!}

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