skinny jeans, ripped jeans

Rita Ora was the image of cool-rocker girl chic as she stepped out with photographer, Terry Richardson, at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

She was wearing a pair of ripped black Saint Laurent jeans, a punk G.B.H. T shirt, a black leather moto jacket and black suede boots.

Just wondering…. these dark blue kind of un-exciting Saint Laurent jeans are selling for $890 and are even on sale still over $500. I don’t find anything so distinctive or eye-catching here, they look just like any regular dark blue jeans in a price range of $50 to maybe $150. But then again, I might be totally “off”!? You can check out more about this price thingie in my previous Valentino post, where I have tried to de-code the mystery of haute couture jean’s prices.

Rita’s Saint Laurent jeans are on sale right now at Net-A-Porter.

dark blue jeans