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Sergio Carvajal in a PRPS & Goods Jacket

Sergio Carvajal in a PRPS & Goods Jacket


Super hot model, Sergio Carvajal, posted an Instagram image of himself wearing a PRPS Goods & Co. hoodie. The image is super cool with that summer-dream inducing blue background!

And, the jacket, of course, is no less cool. It is the Aito Jacket, which is made of two different fabrics. The front and back are mad of a natural indigo fleece, and the sleeves are denim. This jacket also features a chenille applique P – for PRPS, naturally!

Take advantage and grab this jacket right now, as it is on sale on the PRPS website. The point is that a jacket like this is season-less. Good for summer when out in a chillier night or air conditioning, and in winter you can layer it under a heavy parka for extra warmth.

Oh and you can also follow hunky Sergio @sergiocarvajal7 on Instagram!

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