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Zac Efron in Citizens of Humanity

Zac Efron in Citizens of Humanity

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Zac Efron had Ellen DeGeneres’ studio audience a little hot under the collar, puttingĀ on a raunchy display with the host. He gaveĀ Ellen a lap dance during one of her quickfire games “Heads Up”.

Zac was wearing a pair of super tight black women’s jeans, paired with white Converse sneakers and a long sleeved, black Henley.

We are delighted to finally see a guy in borrowed-from-the-girls jeans. So very fashionable! Zac absolutely has our thumbs up in his Citizens for Humanity Rocket Skinny in Black Leatherette jeans. Are you ready to go for this trend?

You can buy the Citizens of Humanity jeans here.

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