Chriselle Lim in MOTHER

I’m not usually one to jump on trends, but the raw hem, or frayed hem trend that popped up last year had me at hello! Distressed denim has been done so many times and even though it never gets old, it’s easy to think there’s no other possible way it can be done. The hems…of course, right? Anyway, I like the way they look on cropped styles which gives the frayed edges a bit more visibility. Usually we’re used to seeing the skinny variation of the crop, but last year we also saw a re-emergence of bootcuts flares, and even culottes. So of course, we also saw several cropped flares and boots floating around! Here is blogger Chriselle Lim in MOTHER, wearing The Insider Cropped Fray jeans, which are kind of a cropped straight, or slim boot, however you want to look at it. They also feature a high 10″ rise which allows it to fit a wider variety of body shapes! I’m absolutely loving Chriselle’s outfit, as she paired her frayed crops with a tan wide brimmed hat and bag, and stayed black and white with everything else with a striped top, long black coat and black boots. I’d say the raw hems aren’t going anywhere soon, and I sure hope not!! They certainly are very fun to style and give such a nice little bit of effortless edge to any outfit.

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Visit Chriselle’s blog, The Chriselle Factor, here.