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Diego Milano Number 050 for the Cultured Rebel

Diego Milano Number 050 for the Cultured Rebel

Diego Milano Number 050 for the Cultured Rebel

When Denimology worked with Diego Milano last year, we were completely blown away by the incredible detail, including 3D construction, handcrafted leather accents and overall totally unique design within their Spring/Summer Tribe of Nomads line! I reviewed one of these pieces, the Number 019 (see here) and it still remains a prize pair of jeans from my entire stint reviewing denim here. This year, there’s a whole new theme and collection to admire! The image above represents the Diego Milano Number 050 for the Cultured Rebel, and it isn’t any less amazing than what we’ve already seen from the brand. Cultured Rebel is the name of the new collection, of course, which is “a statement for the rebellious who fight against typical societal molds and push their personal style forward. It’s for those whose love for fashion, art, and music is all intertwined and is all heard as one note. They know their taste in music like they know their taste in jeans. If the moods and emotions they experienced while listening to music were colors, they’d be rust, stone, black, and teal. Drenching these DM jeans in an Italian coating is a metaphor for the Cultured Rebel’s love of being immersed in art. That’s who The Cultured Rebel is: someone who owns their unique interpretation of music as art form and who wears denim that speaks for their attitude.

The Number 050 features two cargo pockets, unique button tabs and the classic Diego Milano “V” detailed lines. This collection is full of beautifully coated pieces of all sorts of colors for men and women! It’s pretty easy to say…if you want to be a badass, wear Diego Milano!

Shop the Diego Milano Number 050 here, and shop the new Cultured Rebel here.

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I’ve been quite the denim fanatic for several years now, and am happy to apply this passion to something that I can share with others. I am also a graphic designer/web developer and have done design work for two of the biggest designer boutiques in town, which is partly to blame for the 100 plus pairs of jeans I now own in my collection! It always fascinates me how much can be done with the denim fabric alone, and the constant innovations will always keep me hooked.