Erica Holloway in Dittos

It goes without saying that much of the denim market thrives on vintage appeal, with plenty of vintage-inspired styles out there to choose from and even some pieces plucked straight out of years past and remade for modern tastes. Some brands are dedicated to bringing back those much loved high waists and flared legs, Ditto being one! Here is blogger Erica Holloway in Dittos, wearing one of their beautifully retro styles. Even though I don’t really own any vintage jeans or anything myself, but I certainly love that carefree, easy going super cute look from fashion’s vast history! Nothing truly ever goes out of style…and if it does, it always comes back, as we saw with both the high waist and the flare leg last year! Erica and her pal are rocking the high waists proper with the crop tops, which definitely help enhance the waist accentuating abilities of those higher rises.

Shop a very vintagey look from Ditto’s at Nasty Gal here, and you can also shop the brand at Lord & Taylor here or Lulu’s here.