Jenny Michelle Ly in Parker Smith

We talk a lot about skinny jeans…we talk a lot about flares. We talk a lot about bootcuts and boyfriend jeans…but I just realized, straight jeans don’t seem to get enough love! Just a few years ago, it was all about the skinny, and last year we saw looser fitting styles like the flare and boyfriend bust back into the scene, along with culottes, even. But where’s the middle ground? Here’s Peanut Butter Jenny Time blogger Jenny Michelle Ly in Parker Smith, showing us just how much of a staple a nice pair of straight jeans can be as well. I believe I remember these once being in the skinny jean category, but that all ended once the jegging hit the market and skinny jeans started to follow suit. Jenny is wearing the Parker Smith Runaround Sue, and the brand has two super cute medium blue washes available: Waveline and Oliver’s Story. I’ve found after trying so many different styles, that the straight really is the middle ground, looking flattering on a wider range of body types than specifically a skinny or bootcut, for example. It’s a great alternative style for someone with a curvy shape that isn’t sure about jumping into the skinny jean bandwagon! Jenny is wearing her Parker Smith Runaround Sues in a cute minimalistic look, using only the jeans as the pop of color in her outfit.

Shop the Parker Smith Runaround Sue in Waveline here, and the Oliver’s Story alternative here. See Jenny’s blog, Peanut Butter Jenny Time (how cute is that???) here.