Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton jeans

The temperatures are dropping, really dropping, and most of us try anything to keep warm as the frigid wind seems to rip through our very being. Previously when I lived in the Northeast part of the states, I thought I mastered the art of layering and staying warm – but now Sweden has slapped me with a cold hand in the face to bring me back to reality. So the opportunity to review a pair of jeans from Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection came up, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. December.. January…in Sweden and a new technology that claims to trap in air and keep moisture out for ultimate insulation – sign me up right now…this Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton Jeans review comes right with the territory!

Which brings me to a review of the Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton jeans. Now I have previously reviewed a couple different versions of The Brixton and the fit seemed pretty consistent throughout each pair. However, I always ended up thinking I could really go one size smaller and get more of the Narrow fit and less of the Straight. Happily, I took the chance with the Fahrenheit collection and ordered one size down, 31 inch,  from my normal size, 32 inch.

I don’t want to spend too much time on the fit, since I have seemed to review it to death already on Denimology. Instead, I will just mention that even going on size down, I still had the feeling I had room to grow…..or room to downsize again. I think a combination of the very forgiving stretch fabric and the softness of the denim that makes it feel looser then maybe it is. I also think the standard 34 inch inseam causing the jeans to fall looser and look slouchier than if it were a more rigid fabric. In any case, getting another chance, I may try to go one size down again.

Now on to the real test, Sweden in January. Although the weather was unusually mild in December – almost 10 degree C on Christmas day, things quickly turned around only a couple days after receiving the Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton jeans in the mail. Perhaps Mother Nature is a huge fan of denim and an avid following of Denimology so she was really interested in this review. With temperature now below zero (Celsius) I slipped on my new jeans, strapped the leashes on the dogs and journeyed out for a nice long walk secure in the knowledge that I would be warm and toasty while bending over to pick up dog crap off the frozen blades of grass.

What I will start off by saying is that overall, I was a bit disappointed with the ability of the Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton jeans to keep my legs protected against the wind and chill. I was expecting more protection and more warmth, instead I had about the same protection or feeling of warmth that I would expected from a heavier denim (perhaps 13+ ounces). Now if I compare these in a vacuum, I would say that the apparently thinness of the denim and softness of the denim would make me think the cold would immediately freeze me down to the bone, but that (very happily) was not the case. The Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton jeans absolutely provided protection against the elements relative to the light weight of the denim itself. So I definitely think this new fabric technology from Joe’s serves it’s purpose and offer another great alternative to your traditional denim. But if you were looking to get rid of your long johns and bring only these on your next winter hiking trip, I would suggest rethinking that position.

Bottom line – The Joe’s Fahrenheit Collection Brixton jeans checks all the boxes for what you expect from Joe’s. Soft, comfortable, stretchy and class easy fit. However, to be a hardcore winter jeans for those harsher climates, I think the Fahrenheit collection falls a bit short of the mark. While you will still get some basic protection from the new technologically advanced fabric, not enough to avoid layering up if you plan on spending prolonged periods of time frolicking in the snow or cold. Head on over to Joe’s website to pick up your own pair before the snow melts.

Until the next pair,