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Please Read – Fraud & Safety Alert

Please Read – Fraud & Safety Alert

Today, we have been contacted by two women who have been approached through email and Instagram and were concerned about the legitimacy of the contact and the contact’s behavior. THESE COMMUNICATIONS ARE NOT FROM US!!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who reported this loser. This Instagram account has been banned.
Accounts we know of:
Gmail[email protected]




Following are excerpts of the communications that we received that have been edited for privacy:

“So, one of your team member Ben, who has been telling me about your site. He asked me to do a shoot for your site in review sections. I was approached in a very unprofessional manner, also he has been harassing me to skype him and to forcefully talk to him. When I asked if this is a scam, he sent me an email from Joanne Collins talent scout executive. I am not sure who these people are and why they constantly keep sending me dirty messages or to work with them. Please let me know if this is someone in your team doing this or I sincerely request you to make it stop. I can give you the email from which these people are reaching me [email protected]


“My name is (omitted for privacy), a Latina model in (omitted for privacy). I was notified by Joanne through instagram and I just want to make sure she works for Denimology. She indicated she is a Talent Scout/Editor for Denimology. I just want to confirm if that is correct because I normally get contacted by people and sometimes it’s not true. I just want to make sure she is a talent scout/editor just to be safe and so I can continue to respond to her. I look forward to hearing from you!”


Our response was:

“It’s troubling to hear about your experience. Stay away from this person. He is definitely a scammer trying to take advantage of you. He has nothing to do with our organization and we do not have a “Ben” working for us.
Note that he is using a Gmail address, which anyone can make. Anyone affiliated with our company would have [email protected] as an email, which uses our company name as the source of the email. If you look at this email, your contact form came into [email protected] My email address is [email protected]
I would suggest blocking their emails in your email handler and their Skype address in Skype, if they have given it to you. Unfortunately, anybody can make an email address with Gmail, Hotmail or another email service and the next email may be from jeffr[email protected] as an example. If they are trying to meet with you, please call the police and file a report. They may want to catch this guy.
I hope this helps and I’m upset and saddened, because of people like this that prey on others. If I can be of any further help, please let me know.”

If you have been contacted by someone like this individual, please take appropriate safety precautions, contact police if appropriate and let us know what is happening. 

Thank you and stay safe!