Sazan Hendrix in Parker Smith

What can I say? I can’t really speak enough about Parker Smith. I have SO many favorites out there, and SO many skinnies and even though it’s easy to get bored with the basics from time to time, I just cannot get bored with my Parker Smiths. They are ridiculously soft, made with eco-friendly fabrics, and always fit, without bagging out. Here is blogger-slash-YouTuber Sazan Hendrix in Parker Smith, wearing the Ava Skinny in Liverpool. We all know that no matter what anyone says, distressed jeans aren’t going anywhere soon…they are too rebellious. And fun. This one is a cute middle ground, if you aren’t a fan of a lot of rips and tears. You can tell here how much this jean stands out on its own, as Sazan wears hers without too many frills in a white crop top, yellow platform sandals and a brown handbag. The Ava Skinny is also an awesome skinny jean for the curvy gal who is afraid of the slim fitting style, due to its 9.25″ rise and…well, the fact that Parker Smith was built with the shapely lady in mind! Check out our latest review featuring our newest bootylicious reviewer wearing the Ava here! Whatever you find with this brand, whatever body shape you rock, I promise you’ll find a winner.

Sazan Hendrix in Parker Smith - Closeup

Shop the Parker Smith Ava Skinny in Liverpool here, and visit Sazan’s blog here.