Soorty Hipster Collection jeans

When I first heard about SOORTY, I must be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what type of review I was getting into. I was asked to take my actual measurement from waist to knee to ankle. Look, I’m just used to choosing between a 31 inch waist or a 32 inch waist…hell most of the denim brands stopped giving me the choice of length now. Feeling a slight bit intimidated and hesitant, I pulled out the old string and ruler and started measuring. Then I discovered more about the company and more about the approach from SOORTY and the idea behind the brand – which led to anticipation and excitement for my first made-to-measure pair of jeans, and this SOORTY Hipster Collection jeans review.

Just to make it clear from the get-go, I received a pair of SOORTY Hipster Collection jeans that were custom fit to my measurements. So you will not be able to go into a local SOORTY branded store (they don’t exist) and come out with a bespoke pair of jeans. The idea behind this review is to get a feel for the type of new fabric, design or craftsmanship that go into the denim manufactured by SOORTY. Meaning, I won’t focus much, if any, on the actual fit but more on the feel and longevity of the jeans that I received directly from SOORTY.

A number of Denimology reviewers already wrote about SOORTY and their experiences with the jeans so hopefully I won’t just be repeating what has already been said. However, it’s important to point out that SOORTY does manufacture denim for some of the leading “Fast fashion” brands that most certainty take up space in our closets right now. Undoubtedly, we all currently have or previously have owned a pair of jeans manufactured by SOORTY, even though the label would be quite different.

Pushing the background stuff to well, the background, I want to start talking about the fabric. The pair of SOORTY Hipster Collection jeans that I received used a fabric from the S/S 2016 collection and let me say I was quite impressed. The fading was slight but not without character, the stretch was just the right without losing shape over time or looking spray painted on and the stitching was clean and even. I felt like Goldilocks…everything felt just right.

The fabric moves with me and the waist seemed to have melted into my skin and form with my natural movements that I wasn’t constricted or uncomfortable at all. Despite being a skinny fit pair of jeans, I didn’t experience the initial cutting of the waist band into my modest hips that I find with some many other brands skinny fits. This was a truly well made and well thought out pair of jeans. Now you can always brush it aside and say it was because they were made with my actual measurements, but I would disagree. Mainly because when I first took these out of the package I thought “No way am I fitting into those things”. The waist seemed about 2 sizes too small and very very skinny. However, the fabric seem to expand and contract in all the right places to make getting them on and off clean and easy.

Fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara, Mango, etc have all made such a strong showing for fashion in the last few years. Denim has been able to ride that wave as well, finding it’s way into every nook and cranny. A huge factor of this is being able to stay on the trends and turn out clothes for affordable prices. But success like that doesn’t last if the quality they were just churning out was shit and nowhere is that seen more than in the denim world. Denim is worn too hard to have poorly constructed pieces – this is where SOORTY has helped increase the reputation for many fast fashion brands and I can see why.

Bottom line – I was very impressed with SOORTY. A company that sits in the background and and one that I have had little experience or knowledge of in the past….just blew me away. It is a bit of a shame SOORTY doesn’t have those stand alone brand stores, because I would be excited to see what they had to offer. You can read more about SOORTY here.

Until the next pair,

Soorty Hipster Collection jeans

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