Symphony of Silk in Paige

Denim is in our name but we love everything our favorite brands release! It makes sense for a denim brand to create other great pieces that go with a great pair of jeans. It’s not often that we find bloggers or celebrities wearing a specific brand from head to toe, but it’s always cool to see for a one-stop-shop of styling ideas! Here is Lorna of Symphony of Silk in Paige, wearing both the Paisley Mya Shirt and Verdugo Ankle Skinny in Studded Imperial. I’m not usually one for lots of embellishments but studs are always fun, and I love how they are placed delicately along the waistband, like a studded leather belt without…the belt! It’s a good thing Paige jeans are among the best fitting so you shouldn’t have to cover up this pretty waistband with one at all. The shirt itself has a beautiful antique-like paisley pattern and pairing it with the light wash of the jeans gives it such a nice pop and keeps the eyes on this pretty design! I always like to go for dark skinnies due to their slimming properties, but contrast is key, so it’s good to have a good light wash or two in your wardrobe. The Verdugo jean has a mid rise of 8 3/8″ and is made with a special LEGACY fabric for superior flexibility and support.

Symphony of Silk in Paige - Closeup

Shop the Paige Verdugo Ankle in Studded Imperial here or at Shopbop here, and the Paisley Mya shirt here.

See Lorna’s blog post featuring this look for more information and photos here!