denim hair colors

Are you ready for blue hair that you might actually be able to pull off? We’re talking gorgeously subtle yet rich blue tones that make your locks pop with the slightest shades of blues. It’s super insta-worthy, and if you opt for the blue filter, you’re sure to get some likes!

Back in 2011, our former editor, Jessie already told you about the denim blue hair color she was sporting already at that time. Well, it’s been a few years now, and with the funky hair colors trending more and more, we think that this is so absolutely an option!

The key to this trend is steering well clear of block blue hair – think less emo kid circa 2006, and more grown up dimensional color. The trick with denim hair is in keeping it softly, multi-tonal, just like your jeans.

This edgy look isn’t over powering, but makes you look super cool and pretty chic if you ask us. For blondes they will create a light shade, for brunettes a slightly darker one, and for super dark hair they will make it a gorgeous deep dark blue.

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blue hair colors

Like our favorite pairs of jeans, denim hair comes in many shades – from stonewashed blue/grey to dark navy – and there’s an option for everyone.

shades of blue hair

blue colored hair

{images: Cosmopolitan, Look}