Triarchy Denim Modeled by Artists

Obviously a good denim company with the best ambitions needs the best way to represent their brands, which is much in part of the models who showcase their best pieces. Both photographers and models are hired to produce the necessary marketing collateral, but to me, sometimes it says even more when the brand itself takes matters into its own hands! There have been a few over the years who took it all upon themselves, and Triarchy is a great example. Here is an awesome shot of Triarchy denim modeled by artists, and photographed by Adam of Triarchy himself! Amber and Kerisa Denison are the subject models here, both being amazing multimedia artists. Denim itself is an art, so the two go hand in hand in a way that I don’t feel I need to explain! Triarchy blends the edgy worlds of motorcycles and equestrian style into one super attractive package.

Shop and read more about Triarchy at their website here.

Visit Kerisa’s website here, and Amber’s here.