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Triarchy Destroyed Vintage Slim Jeans Review

Triarchy Destroyed Vintage Slim Jeans Review


Good day Denimologists!

Days like today are one of the reasons why I love being a part of the Denimology review team. Why you might ask? Because I’m fortunate enough to be one of the first to wrap my lower torso in a sample pair of Triarchy Destroyed Vintage Slim Jeans!  I was drawn to the Triarchy brand and its creators before I even knew about the sample pair of jeans being sent my way.  Triarchy is the brainchild of the brothers and sister trio of Adam, the denim master, Ania, the fashion model and Mark, the motorcycle designer. Together they fuse form and function to create jeans for the motorcycle and denim enthusiast alike.  I personally know how difficult running a business as a partnership can be.  I can only imagine what it would be like trying to do it with my two brothers and sister. So it is with profound respect that I bring to you my review… albeit a sneak peak of Triarchy Destroyed Vintage Slim Jeans.


As it is beginning to be a customary part of my review process, I opened my package with the giddiness of a six year old ripping up a present on Christmas day. I immediately noticed how heavy the jeans felt and how rigid they were to the touch but there was this subtle pliability that I have yet to experience in any denim I’ve previously encountered.  Beyond the visually dominating ripped and repaired patches… which I will come back to, my eyes were drawn to the linear stitching descending into the front pockets. It’s almost as if Adam incorporated the Triarchy “T” symbol into the design of the jeans. The double stitching is capped with branded copper rivets; standing out from the rest, one hexagonal rivet orbits above the front left pocket in all its six sided glory. It fulfills its purpose of holding space between two lines dutifully!  The vintage copper theme continues with the four button fly and Triarchy branded clasp on the edge of the back right pocket. Now to the detail that’s just impossible to miss on these jeans; the three ripped and repaired patches add so much depth to an otherwise clean and symmetrical pair of jeans. In communicating his insights into these jeans to me, Adam informed me of his desire to rip the jeans for the sake of style but his reluctance to follow through with leaving them ripped because of his concern that the functionality of subtle elasticity of the jeans would be compromised. The patches were sewed back in using traditional repair styles with matching and contrasting stitch. The other major feature of these jeans is the tobacco plant based brown dye splattered throughout.  The stain work adds another layer to the jeans and helps pull the observer’s eyes away from the patches a bit. The combination of the major features creates the look as if “they’ve been through hell but made it back in one piece.” I know what you’re thinking… enough of the details already! How do they wear?


I was really excited to take the Triarchy Destroyed Vintages Slim Jeans out for my field test. I’ve owned my fair share of denim in my day but this pair happens to be the first (and certainly not the last) that uses stretch denim. The decision to use stretch denim was inspired by one of the other branches of the Triarchy, its motorbike division. It just so happens that jeans designed to make a rider more comfortable on their bike easily translates over to jeans designed to make the casual wearer more comfortable in their daily life. If only I could have conducted my field test of the Triarchy Destroyed Vintage Slim Jeans on top of a Triarchy bike… maybe for the next review! I had to settle once again for the dancefloor as my proving ground.  If you’ve read my other reviews, you know that functionality of my denim is a pet peeve. My jeans have to keep up with my active lifestyle. You should also know that I am not a fan of slim/skinny jeans. I need room to move… at least so I thought. Simply said, these jeans easily compete for the most comfortable pair of slim jeans I’ve ever put on. The range of motion is only limited by my body’s own ability to stretch. I was literally doing yoga in these jeans. The jeans also stay in place; I experienced no need to make adjustments throughout the night.  The pockets are very accommodating.  I was very impressed with the fact that I reached in the left front pocket and pulled out my phone with ease, while I was sitting cross legged on my living room floor. Anybody who puts on a pair of designer slim jeans knows how much a struggle getting your phone out of your pocket can be let alone doing it from a seated position.  There isn’t a single position that these jeans didn’t conform to. Needless to say, the Triarchy Destroyed Vintage Slim Jeans passed my field test with flying colors!

Triarchy is building something special here!  They are creating designer jeans that look the part and over deliver on comfort and purpose.  I look forward to seeing where fusing form and function continues to lead them!  The Triarchy Destroyed Vintage Slim Jeans are set for a Fall 2016 release!

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