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Brazil’s denim expert, VICUNHA TEXTIL, reveals the following early trends for F/W 2017/2018 with their product line manufactured from 100% BCI cotton:

Today ‘The Universe of Denim’ is more like a large, wide river with different currents representing trends, rather than a single path of a few, limited trends. Following one such current, Denim guru Adriano Goldschmied regularly talks of technologies for creating exceptional stretch qualities as well as ‘knitted denims’ used for yoga and athletic jeans. These were pretty much inconceivable just a few years ago.

A second current represents the ‘back to the roots’ trend. This path leads directly towards the loved and treasured vintage jeans, says Thomas Dislich, the Managing Director of VICUNHA TEXTIL for Europe and Asia.


Breathability allows high performance, dermatologically tested DRYARN® denim to adapt well to changes in conditions. One of the outstanding performance features of Dryarn® is that it repels humidity. VICUNHA’s ‘Sahara’ or ‘Mayra’ fabrics dry very quickly and leave the skin feeling pleasantly fresh and dry. True to form, Dryarn’s® perfect fit is long-lasting. Another of VICUNHA’s revolutionary technological developments is their ‘Expanded Emana System’, designed to create a sense of “well being”. These fabrics have proven themselves to be well-suited to accompany the bustling pace of today’s lifestyle.


The look for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 is characterized by black. VICUNHA leads this trend with its mystical shades ranging from indigo to midnight blue-black and exhibiting qualities which, when subjected to the right washings, are ideal for that slick, polished look. The featured ‘Colbie blk blk’ collection offers qualities and weights in men’s and women’s clothing with the essential stretch function and outstanding looks.


For Autumn/Winter 2017/2018, the ‘Beverley’, ‘Raphaela DK’, ‘Superskate’ and ‘Wanda’ all offer super-stretch with reshaping qualities. They are available in ‘mid’ to ‘hi-rise’ styles, and guarantee high performance with great comfort. This feature extends to the entire collection, right down to the ‘Athletic Range’. VICUNHA’s HI POWER STRETCH products offer not just supreme comfort but also a perfect casual look.


Authentic vintage is all about favorites, worn items and collectibles. These are the heirloom pieces of heavy patina that Vicunha manufactures without compromising comfort and performance. Vicunha authentic vintage gives you a blend of the heritage-feel and comfort stretch at competitive prices which are remarkably authentic. And they are not restricted to men’s styles only. Vicunha vintage is also available in women’s styles, such as the ‘Bruna Stretch’ or ‘Marina Gray’, ‘Aqua Duo D’, ‘Ockre Duo D’, ‘Flick’, ‘Fox’, ‘Bruce’ or ‘Jamie’.


The 1990s are back: not just in homage to David Bowie but also as a revival of the shimmering retro-blue, rounding off the spectrum of indigo hues. Suited for all shapes and fits, the retro mid-blues are represented most notably by the ‘Lena’, ‘Callas’ or ‘Marina Luminous Blue’.


I am loving the idea of the vintage and retro, made of stretch denim. Usually these items are made of 100% cotton, and are often not very comfortable at all to wear!

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