Ania Taubenfligel Modeling New Triarchy

Denim has gone hand in hand with edgy activities and lifestyles since its inception…like rock n’ roll, motorcycles and, thanks to Triarchy, equestrians! The brand embodies both motorcycles and horses, with co-founder Ania once being a show jumper and brother/co-founder Adam being a fan of vintage motorcycles. Their partnership makes for such a cool niche and it’s always fun to see what comes out of the brand each year! In fact, sometimes we see Ania or Adam themselves modeling new pieces for photoshoots on Instagram! Here is Ania Taubenfligel modeling new Triarchy a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to see them adding a pair of white skinnies to their line! White denim has had such a bad rap for so long, but lately it’s been remaked, turned around, and reinvented, making such an impressive comeback in the denim industry. Ania looks pretty awesome in her brand’s new jeans…I am sure if I had a brand I would model most myself as well!

Stay tuned for new Triarchy releases at their website, here.

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