Brittany Snow in Parker Smith

I think now that I’ve reviewed enough denim, Parker Smith would definitely be a go-to for comfortable airline travel, or any long travel plans in general! Not only are they made with all body shapes in mind for superior fit (with a 9.25″ inseam), but they are made of the most luxurious fabric blend (recycled polyester, spandex, and ecofriendly modal) and cut that gives your leggings and sweatpants a run for their money when it comes to long periods of sitting! Here is actress Brittany Snow in Parker Smith, wearing the Ava Skinny in Eternal Black, as she makes her way through an airport. There are two things that are awesomely notable about these…aside from their superior fit and comfort, they were also made to address the issue of black pieces having the tendency to fade after a few wears and washes. The Ava Skinny in Eternal Black is fade resistant and will retain its jet black color! We all know a good pair of black skinny jeans is a must for any style-conscious lady, and these are by far an excellent choice in more ways than one!

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