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Lauren Ashley Patao in James Jeans

Lauren Ashley Patao in James Jeans

Lauren Ashley Patao in James Jeans

Of all the reviews I’ve done, one of my favorites that I’ve been wearing again a lot lately is the James Jeans Twiggy in Millenium. It’s so freaking soft, fits curvier or athletic shapes like mine really well, and the distressed details are placed so they won’t blow out if I kneel down. The light blue wash is so vibrant and pretty too! Here’s The Fashionista’s Diary blogger Lauren Ashley Patao in James Jeans, wearing the Neo Beau in Joy Ride as she enjoyed Valentine’s day on an outing with friends. These are a very cute and feminine take on the boyfriend jean, which is more fitted and tailored to fit a lady. It’s a boyfriend jean that actually is made to fit like a glove! It too, like my Twiggy in Millenium, has a beautiful medium “shimmery shade of blue” with whiskering, light fading and generous distressing. Like many boyfriends, it has a mid 8.25″ front rise with a 13″ back rise to fit over womanly hips and give you “the most flattering silhouette ever.” I’ve been a bigger fan of boyfriend jeans lately and these would be an awesome addition to my own collection! I’m already coveting them…and I love how they give Lauren’s feminine look just the right amount of edge, which is one of the reasons why I dig distressed jeans!

Lauren Ashley Patao in James Jeans - Closeup

Shop the James Jeans Neo Beau in Joy Ride here, and see Lauren’s blog post featuring this look for more images and information about her look here!

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