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Old Navy – The Stay White Jeans

Old Navy – The Stay White Jeans

Old Navy just rolled out a new white skinny jean that’s stain-repellent. They say that wine, ketchup, coffee, juice, and other commonly spilled substances will wipe right off the brand’s new Mid-Rise Stay-White Rockstar Super Skinny jeans, which are priced at $44.94 and are available in regular, tall, and petite inseams.

Dubbed the Stay White wash, the jeans are made from the brand’s classic soft denims. The jeans are then treated with a stain-resistant wash, which makes liquids roll off the surface, magically, making the jeans perform well with many of your everyday liquid spills like coffee, juice, and wine, and combat more difficult stains after one wash.

To care for the jeans, Old Navy says you can just throw them inside-out in the washing machine in cold water, then dry on a low heat setting. Allegedly, the stain-resistant technology will perform well through 20 wash cycles. After that, you might be on your own.

This isn’t the first time that exceptionally hard-working jeans have surfaced: In 2014, Joe’s Jeans rolled out its “Spotless” collection, comprised of (you guessed it!) bright white, stain-fighting jeans. Granted, those jeans were $100 more than Old Navy’s foray into this sort of denim technology, which is equal parts party trick and ultra-practical.

You can buy the Old Navy Rockstar jeans on their website.

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