PRPS Japan has just launched their lookbook for Spring and Summer 2016 video – I so love when I am able to see the jeans actually being worn by a person in motion, instead of just on a model standing in front of a wall. You get the feeling about the jeans so much more, and, what’s best, you can get some styling ideas!

PRPS Japan jeans are made of Japanese selvedge denim. They are treated, and re-treated, and washed, bleached, ripped and repaired. Every single detail, like a frayed pocket hem, or a strategically placed rip is a result of Donwan Harrell’s inspiration and research. Nothing is left to chance and every single pair of jeans reflects Donwan’s attention to detail to the utmost.

There is also another detail I would like to point out – you do not find a lot of specially washed and treated distressed Japanese selvedge jeans out there. Most of these kind of jeans are actually raw, or, at the most, slightly distressed.

You can buy the newest PRPS Japan denim here, and if you kind of “balk” at the price range, remember, each and every pair of jeans is treated individually and is unique. It’s a fair price to pay for all the work and attention that goes into producing a limited amount of jeans.