Sivan Ayla in BLANKNYC

I’ve been seeing a lot of ripped black skinnies lately. But I am not surprised! I’m not exactly sure what caused the influx (maybe they are just wildly in style all of a sudden?) but I love them all! It seems like such a simple style, but no two are alike, just like any distressed denim. The rips and distressing give a fun twist to the classic black skinny jean. Here is blogger Sivan Ayla in BLANKNYC, wearing a ripped pair of the Skinny Classique in Black. We all know how BLANKNYC does it…they do have a lot of classic styles, but when it comes to edge, they go all out! These jeans feature rips all over, and I love how they often completely blow out the knees on their distressed styles which prevents it from happening when you kneel down! BLANKNYC does ripped denim right, and they often sell out quickly. Ripped jeans may at one time have been seen as ready to throw in the bin, but Sivan shows how awesome they can look all dressed up, with a white blouse, black wide brimmed hat and white sneakers to keep it on the casual side…I love the combo of dressy and casual. Super chic!

Shop the distressed BLANKNYC Skinny Classique in Black here, and visit Sivan’s blog here.