Last month, when I checked out what’s new in denim at the Coterie tradeshow in NYC, SIWY caught my attention with their new seamless jeans. At first, I didn’t know what these jeans were about – leggings? Jeggings?

But then their super cool and sexy head of sales lady tried on a pair for me to see the jeans worn and close up, and I was really impressed. Very, VERY sexy, Shehera, thank you for showing! They are by no means leggings, but jeans made of a super stretchy fabric that totally molds your body.

Here is what they are about:

“Introducing a palette of new slim silhouettes focused on freedom of movement and functionality. By removing the side seams, we’ve accomplished something special – a jean that feels like second skin. Innovative, buttery soft and super stretch fabrications allow for 360 flexibility while rendering a polished chic look. You’ll never feel restricted.”

The seamless collection features two styles: the Felicity, which is a lower waist, and the Brooke, which is a high waisted skinny. They come in a range of very cute spring hues, and of course, in the must have black and grey.

Our reviewers went totally ga-ga and grabbed a couple of them to review. We will be posting their “verdicts” soon.

You can buy the SIWY seamless collection online on their website.

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