Strom Arton Magnetic Slim Boyfriend Jeans- full front view

The last time I had a chance to review STRÖM jeans, it was for a double denim review; and today ill be giving you the Arton Magnetic Slim Boyfriend jeans review. So boy am I glad to be back with another fabulous pair for ya’ll! STRÖM jeans is always such a fun pair to wear, and if you’ve had the opportunity to “binge-read” all of our awesome reviews you would see that STRÖM jeans is a definite favorite around here; so the tomboy in me couldn’t be more ecstatic to be wearing…and reviewing, the STRÖM Arton Magnetic Slim Boyfriend jeans.

When asked if I wanted to review a pair of boyfriends by STRÖM I didn’t hesitate one second! I asked for a size 26 and within a few days, I received this lovely pair. Lucky for me, the package arrived just in time for my New York work trip, which was that same week. And like a true “Denimologist” I decided to walk these bad boys straight through the TSA catwalk line! Paired with my vintage Jimi Hendrix concert tee, black Zara moto jacket, and heavily studded combat boots (probably not the best thing to wear while going through the metal detectors…) these medium washed, basic 5-pocket boyfriends had me “feelin myself” all the the way to the big apple! Even on the cold and stuffy, 5 hour air-ride; these 74%cotton, 24% Poliammide, and 2% elastane jeans had me sitting comfortably (and probably not in the most lady-like of postures) throughout the entire flight (thank you STRÖM!) If there was anything I noticed that should be mentioned, it was that once we landed there was a bit more bagging around the hip, thigh, and knee area but I didn’t mind it one bit since they weren’t all that fitted to begin with.  After all they’re called “boyfriends” for a reason right? Nonetheless the medium wash and fabric on these  STRÖM Arton Magnetic Slim Boyfriend jeans have plenty of character and make  a great pair of jeans to dress up or down in any season. Cuffing them is strongly advised, only because they look that much cooler when you do! (I had to cuff them about 4-times since im 5’2)

Strom Arton Magnetic Slim Boyfriend Jeans- side full view

So for all of you frequent flyers out there dont you dare wear those pajama pants on that plane, the STRÖM Arton Magnetic Slim Boyfriend jeans are your best bet for airport fashion, not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are fashionable and so feel free to wear them with…umm…everything you own!

If you are looking for great fitting pair of boyfriend jeans, in a beautiful medium wash  and a sensational “hand” look no further; buy the STRÖM Arton Magnetic Slim Boyfriend jeans. Like NOW. Right HERE!


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