The 2nd Bangladesh Fashion Students’ Denim Design Contest was successfully completed on March 3rd, 2016, at the Hotel Radisson in Dhaka. This was an event to show to the world the talent of aspiring young designers from Bangladesh. Students from several fashion universities, including INIFD, NIFT, SMUCT, BUFT etc., participated in this competition.

“The students were given the theme of ‘Hi-Fashion Denim’ – a trend seen since last year when denim entered the echelons of haute couture clothing. They were invited to create designs based on this concept. In addition, the students’ designs were showcased on the FASHIONIM RUNWAY. The best 15 designs were also selected at our Denimsandjeans show, where all the visitors and exhibitors voted on the designs.

We were not expecting too many international-level designers to participate and initially had planned only one single sequence showing the garments on the runway. However, we were stunned to see a large number of highly creative designs coming up from the students and we had to create three sequences for the runway show. That was quite a tough choice, as it was very difficult to reject most of them.

The whole process of the students design competition was guided by Ms. Anna Troupe, a sustainable design lecturer and social entrepreneur based in Dhaka. Besides her, there were other important contributions by Mr. Tanveer, Mr. Arief Labu, Mr. Jamil and Mr. Rubaiyat, and our Bangladesh and India teams – all of whom helped the students in different ways in reaching the right destination in terms of their designs.

The FASHIONIM runway was already very hot when the collections of Vicunha Textil and Envoy Textil came to the ramp. However, it was literally set on fire when the designs of students came into view on the models. The audience was very excited to see these great designs and applauded them all the way. The excited students – who were also present at the show – did not leave behind any opportunity to encourage the models who wore their designs and who electrified the atmosphere. Yes ! it was the first time in the history of denim fashion shows that the designs of young students of Bangladesh were showcased to an international audience including the Diesel team from Italy and India. Each and every design was sophisticated and jaw dropping as well as inspiring and received tons of appreciation from all the attendees of FASHIONIM. The theme ‘Denim In High Fashion’ was well captured and well executed by the students.”

The students started by looking at the sketches they had created and then converted them into wonderful designs.

denim designs

denim fashion designs

The conceptualized designs were then converted into specifically tailored garments. Check out the truly unique and beautiful garments below.

Bangladesh Fashion Students’ Denim Design Contest

Bangladesh Fashion Students’ Denim Design Contest

Bangladesh Fashion

denim competition

There was one special prize for a student, Purna Ahmed, who won the award in the denim accessory section by designing a beautiful Denim Hat – which became very popular and was one of the centers of attraction at the photo booth.

denim accessories

Special mention and thanks to Vicunha Group for sponsoring a cash prize for the students as well as their beautiful DENIM GLASSES which were given to the first prize winner.

denim sunglasses