c.phraph in Parker Smith

I don’t care what anyone says, the skinny jean is here to stay, even though looser fitting cuts made a huge re-emergence last year and became instant favorites again among denim fans, celebrities and bloggers alike! I can’t blame them though, especially with the unusually warm California “winters” we’ve been having recently. My boyfriend jeans have been getting some good use again for sure! Here is blogger c.phraph in Parker Smith, wearing the Girlfriend in Old Blues Destruction. One of our Denimologists reviewed this one a few months ago and gave it high marks. You can see that post here! This is definitely a casual jean, as you can see the way it was styled here, but I also find these destroyed boyfriends are kind of fun to dress up, too! They are surprisingly versatile, as much as they are comfy…and Parker Smith jeans are insanely comfortable! The Girlfriend in Old Blues Destruction has been washed down for a slight vintage feel, and cut to be a little more fitted than your typical boyfriend jean for a sexier fit.

Shop the Parker Smith Girlfriend in Old Blues Destruction here!

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