Carola Pojer in Citizens of Humanity

Culottes came back big last year, just around the time when the tight fitting jean was on its way down (but not out) and relaxed fits took over. They may still be one of those fits that didn’t rub off on many, but they exploded enough to have stuck around for awhile! Another trend that quickly became my favorite was raw or dropped hems. To me, any style is quickly spruced up with this awesome contrasting detail! Here is VIENNA WEDEKIND blogger Carola Pojer in Citizens of Humanity, wearing the Melanie Wide Leg Crop in Retro. They may not be given the culotte title, but they look like the breakout style’s big sister, with long spacious pockets, a high waist and wide frayed, overdyed hem. They definitely have a lot of character! If I were to choose any style or feel that stands out the most, I would say vintage, or retro. These embody the looks of yesteryear as a well loved, worn in jean. Carola’s bell sleeved top seems to add a cool balance to the overdyed drop hem, and her sneakers play up the retro vibe.

Carola Pojer in Citizens of Humanity - Hem Closeup

Carola Pojer in Citizens of Humanity - Waist Closeup

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