denim jackets

STRÖM Hug Falcon jacket – it’s made of stretch denim which is so super comfy!

Fashion trends repeat themselves — they come, they go, and then they come back again a few years later. The denim jacket, however, is one of the few wardrobe items that’s stuck around through decades — and that’s partly due to how adaptable it is. Plus, denim jackets come in so many silhouettes, washes, and with ever-changing details that the item’s been able to withstand pretty much anything fashion throws at it.

Such universal styling abilities means there’s no one type of person who wears a jean jacket, nor is there just one way to wear it, either. Whether layered over a spring dress and topped off with a neck scarf or worn with a pair of jeans, Canadian tuxedo-style, the styling possibilities are endless. And since you won’t want to go through the next few months without at least one version in your transitional-outerwear arsenal, we found some of the best, not-your-average baby blues, on the market right now. Forget “leather weather” — it’s officially denim weather.

white denim

rag & bone/JEAN – because we need some whites in our spring wardrobe!

denim parkas

Forever 21 Colorblocked Denim Jacket – not your run-of-the-mill denim jacket

denim jackets

H&M Denim Jacket – is borrowed fro the guys and a very unique style

black denim

Denim x Alexander Wang – oversized!

studded denim

Mango Studded Denim Jacket – ’cause we love anything studded!

denim women

Levi’s Boyfriend Trucker jacket

fur trimmed jackets

Paige Denim Jacket with Contrast Collar – fake fur lined is very trendy

patched denim jackets

Topshop Badge Oversized Jacket – badges and patches are a must have

oversized denim

Trademark Indigo Cotton-silk Jacket – we love the “Mao Tse-tung” vibe of this jacket!

raw denim

BLANKNYC – men’s classic denim jacket in a cool charcoal wash, let’s borrow from the boys!