Diesel - The Denim Wedding Dress

Normally, wedding gowns are made with chiffon, tulle, silk, and lace. In addition to being beautiful, the delicate fabrics are generally lightweight and fluid, which lend well to walking down an aisle, kissing, and dancing. But Diesel has offered nontraditional brides an alternative: denim.

For the opening of two new stores in Tokyo, Japan, designer Nicola Formichetti created white denim dresses and jean tuxedos for a fake marriage between models. But these creations are nothing like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ iconic blue jean red carpet styles. Instead, the outfits are actually quite elegant, albeit a little on the heavy side.

A denim wedding dress would certainly be for the trend-bucking bride. But those wanting even more avant-garde, Diesel also produced a mini denim dress {see last image below}.

Not planning to get married? You can find “regular” denim dresses here and here!

Diesel - The Denim Wedding Dress

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