Global F/W'17 Trends |US Europe Asia |Leopoldo Durante

Based in Italy, Leopoldo is a designer and developer for denim brands and is a veteran with over 25 years of experience. He has been associated with some of the most reputed companies in the industry, including See by Chloe, Martelli , Evisu, Hellenic Fabrics, Benetton, Sixty Spa, Versace , Mustang, and others, and extended his designer expertise to them. He is currently running his own brand – Care Label, besides being Artistic Director for Meltin’ Pot .

He made a live video presentation at he fifth edition of Bangladesh about the expected denim trends for F/W’17 in the three regions of US, EU and Asia.

This was the first time such a live presentation was made in denim shows anywhere and brought out the touch of technology to the field of fashion forecasting.

The Synopsis of his presentation is as follows :

His focus was on three regions : USA , Europe and Asia.

Global F/W'17 Trends |US Europe Asia |Leopoldo Durante

Where US brands are focused on celebrities denim, the European brands are obsessed with designer denim. Asia is more inclined towards Vintage denim.

Global F/W'17 Trends |US Europe Asia |Leopoldo Durante

The US the market is primary concentrating on women’s wear. The market is not focused on quality, but on celebrities who wear denim. And they call it premium denim. But he feels it’s not true. It’s not premium denim. He calls them “Pants”.

celebrity denim

celebrities in jeans

The situation in Europe is more focused on design.

designer denim

European denim

denim designersIt’s about designers and not about brands. There are French luxury brands and historic denim brands. Diesel is moving from pure denim to designer denim. Europeans embellish fabrics, like Swarovski. They also prefer distinguished wash-techniques and distressing.

Asia is focused on vintage.

raw denim

selvedge denim

dark wash denim

Asia, Europe, and the US each have a different approach to the denim market. Asia is more focused on tradition, heavy fabrics, non stretch fabrics, classic looks. They use selvedge and rigid raw denim. This is particularly true of the Japanese market.

Future Denim: From Manufacturing to Washing.

denim trends

denim looks

new denim styles

distressed denim

In future denim and jeans in general, will go back to their roots. Fabrics will be heavy and not super stretchy. We will have real denim made on a shuttle loom, even selvedge. Stretch will be on the warp and not the weft to guarantee comfort. Color is in the direction of natural green indigo. The hues will be darkest. Environment will be the “watchword”. Water consumption and chemical use will decrease. We are going back to pumice stone wash. Heavily distressed washes will be out. No more bleaches. Washing will decrease the number of whiskers. Washing will be done by the customer and not by the laundry.

The market will move from the American concept of super stretch and skinny fit to a more traditional look. Future trends will be a mix of tradition, value, beauty, a mix of the culture of Europe, Asia and the US. The future will be a combination of these three points of view.

More interesting denim news will be discussed and shown at the Denimsandjeans first show in Vietnam in June, 2016.

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