L'Agence - The French Jean

We are stoked and extremely excited to introduce you to the innovating French jean by L’Agence. For some time now we have given you sneak peeks of their denim – and here is the most exciting news about the “behind the scenes” of L’Agence:

Founded and created by no one less than denim “master”, Jeff Rudes, former owner of J Brand, Jeff and his team are right on their way to make L’Agence a super power women’s denim brand that will surpass J Brand by far. And this is a promise from the Denimology “head guru”, yours truly!

L’Agence launched in California in 2008 with a vision to make silhouettes that made a woman look and feel beautiful with an effortless and sophisticated point of view. Their ready-to-wear collection includes totally insane and super uber fashionable dresses, pants, tops and jackets. All made of superior luxurious feminine fabrics and manufactured with attention to the slightest details.

And then, in 2015, enter Jeff Rudes and enter denim full force in their collection. Check out what Jeff tells us about his newest and best ever denim creation, The French Jean from L’Agence:

It’s French, sexy, timeless, and feminine.

“Our jean is made from exclusive denim for L’AGENCE to create the new and best fitting stretch French Jean.

The L’AGENCE French Jean is sewn with contour waistband technology that has tailored construction to hug your waist and not reveal your derriere in any position.

Clean lines and dark finishes are the inspiration for the new L’AGENCE French Jean.

The French Jean has had a history which dates back to the 1970’s and was known as the best fit ever for a jean. With years of not having the French Jean contour technology, L’AGENCE reintroduces the new and modern French Jean the way it was originally made.

You must try one on and experience the incredible new L’AGENCE jean.”

This said, you need to go and try on a pair – even if it’s just for the heck of it!! You will not leave the jeans in your fitting room, ao contraire, you will want to wear them over and over again!


L’Agence jeans are available at SAKS, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and online on their website. Try on a pair and let us know what you think!

L'Agence - The French Jean

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