Levis Wedgie Fit Review - Front View

Here we are in the throes of Spring weather, one day it’s raining and the very next day we catch a break with a warm sunny day that reminds us summer is just around the corner. I can’t wait to tell you all about the first time I tried on the new Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans, but first a little background. Spring triggers me to begin a closet overhaul updating my pieces and shaking off the dust on articles of clothing that I forgot I even owned.  My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t worn it for 2 or more years, it goes in the donation bag.  A little wardrobe Spring cleaning is good for the soul.  When I get involved in a project, I go all in and become totally consumed.  It would take a force of nature to pull me away from this therapeutic act…..and that’s when I stumbled upon an old pair of Levi’s 501 jeans that have been with me since High School.  With my fingers crossed that they would still fit, I slipped them on and like an old familiar friend they felt comfortable and amazing.  OMG, they still fit!!

Who doesn’t have a love affair with a pair of Levi’s?  The company has only been around since 1853! 501’s are still very popular today but there is a new kid in town, a much naughtier kid named Wedgie.  I’m about to tell you all about what it is like to walk around with a Wedgie all day long!

I had a very busy day ahead of me, shopping, dropping kiddo off at preschool and meeting a girlfriend for lunch so I was a little skeptical that this would be the day I would try out my new Wedgie jeans.  The name alone sounds slightly uncomfortable, right?  Well, I was completely wrong in every way imaginable. These jeans are super comfy! The Levi’s Wedgie Fit in Coyote Desert wash is a very functional daily wearing pair of jeans with an edge to them.

Levis Wedgie Fit Review - Left Side View

Fit:  The Levi’s Wedgie Fit in Coyote Desert wash is a high rise waist with a button fly.  They are 100%cotton. The inseam is 28 inches.  I found these to run on the small side.  I ordered one size larger than I typically wear. So if you have ever been the victim of an unpleasant wedgie in your youth, you know what this does to your bum.  It also lifts and separates your bum which is what the Levi’s Wedgie Fit does for you in a very comfortable way. The wedgie aspect is noticeable to you but not in a bad way.  It’s noticeable to everyone else in a very good way as it gives your bum a supported lift and shape like no other denim out there.

Feel:  The Levi’s Wedgie Fit has a very Vintage feel to them.  I compared them to my 501’s from 1992 and they are very similar.  This is going to be a heavyweight denim, one that you won’t need to worry about ripping after fifty cycles in your washing machine.  The Levi’s Wedgie Fit in Coyote Desert wash is a classic medium-dark denim wash that is very flattering to the waist line and hips.  The best way to describe the feel of this jean is SEXY!

Function:  As I mentioned above these jeans are super comfy! The high waist button fly cinches you in like a pair of spanx.  The raw hem that hits at the ankle looks great with flats, booties or heels.  As with most heavyweight denim you know these jeans are going to last a lifetime.  Expect a great fitting jean with minimal stretch.

Fashion:  The Levi’s Wedgie Fit in Coyote Desert wash is a classic vintage jean that you could picture Cindy Crawford sporting in the 80’s.  I enjoy pairing these jeans with a white James Perse Casual V-neck and a pair of Vans or dress them up with a Free People bohemian inspired top and your favorite heels.  It’s completely versatile.

Bottom Line:  I’m obsessed with all things vintage and these are my latest fixation.  If you are looking for a high quality classic jean that gives your bum a lift and cinches in your waistline, look no further.

The Levi’s Wedgie Fit is available here.  New washes including the Coyote Desert are coming soon, so keep checking back.

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