McGuire Photo Shoot with Shannon O'Connor

Nothing in the apparel industry is quite as iconic as denim. It’s taken many cultural positions, making up a huge part of vintage style, rock n’ roll, art, and other popular facets of society as the years have gone on. These aspects still are going strong, as classic quality and tradition continues to be valued and doesn’t really tend to die in the denim industry. Denim companies today keep them alive and constantly reinvent their campaigns and collections, which requires them to always be on point in the creative department when it comes to keeping it real and capturing these elements for every new photo shoot. Here is a McGuire Photo Shoot with Shannon O’Connor, taking place in a famed, historic hotel where the one and only Liz Taylor once lived, most likely the Hotel Bel-Air. McGuire Denim thrives on taking functional, vintage silhouettes and recreating them with a modern twist, with feminine, sexy fits and supersoft fabrics. It’s only natural they’d take such a venue for a photo shoot! Shannon appears to be wearing one of the brand’s many luxe skinny fits…soft enough to go to bed in!

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View model Shannon O’Connor’s Instagram here, and McGuire’s here.