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Paris Hilton in Vince Half Leather Leggings

Paris Hilton in Vince Half Leather Leggings

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Paris Hilton, and preggy sis, Nicky Hilton, were photographed as they were out for a walk in New York. Paris being Paris of course overdid with her leopard double prints, no, make that leopard triple prints! Wearing both a jacket and super bitchin’ high heel leopard booties is, um, very mucho…. but works for Paris! AND adding a leopard print pair of oversized Dita Paradis Leopard Sunglasses…. well, judge for yourself LOL!

Of course, being a celeb, she had to add a designer bag as well! Hers shown here is the Chanel Boy Caviar Leather Medium Flap Shoulder bag.

Her booties are the from the Zanotti x Balmain collaboration, but unfortunately all sold out.

Paris’ jacket is the A.L.C. Leopard Fur Savile Jacket, and her black half leather leggings are from Vince. You can buy similar leather leggings at SAKS.

Want to unleash your wild side in leopard print heels? We found some really cute and reasonably priced ones here.

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