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Pizarro SA – New Denim Washes – Fashion Show

Pizarro SA – New Denim Washes – Fashion Show
denim wash house
Entering the factory!

My totally awesome visit at the Pizarro SA factory also included a fashion show. Right after the winners of the Paulo Ribeiro contest were chosen, the show went on…. This time it was all about the Pizarro factory, their washouse, and printing facilities. The models were all wearing denim that showed the newest trends in washes, distressing and styles that the Pizarro guys are producing. We have captured some of the best styles – check them out below.

To the beat of a band, singing and dancing to some Portuguese rock music (see below), models were walking the catwalk in the factory itself, and all of us, including the models and the performers had a lot of fun!

The band
The band
croped jeans
distressed and cropped denim
denim men
printed denim
denim jackets
cropped moto denim jacket and flare ripped jeans
jog jeans
tie-dyed t-shirt and jog jeans
tie dyed
tie-fyed maxi skirt and light blue denim shirt
distressed jeans
rip and repair skinny jean
denim men
acid wash jean
distressed black denim shorts and colorblock shirt
denim dresses
acid wash dress and acid wash over the knee boots
distressed denim shirt and tie-dyed t-shirt
denim women
skinny jeans and hi-low denim shirt
denim jackets
colorblock denim shirt
distressed straight leg jeans
distressed denim pencil skirt
double denim
denim skirts
multi layered denim skirt