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PRPS + Denimology @ Pizarro

PRPS + Denimology @ Pizarro

PRPS + Denimology @ Pizarro

We have told you about the unique Jeanology program, which is held by PRPS founder and creator, Donwan Harrell. You can read about this here.

Donwan and Portugal-based Pizarro S.A. have teamed up to create the Paulo Ribeiro contest offering five lucky students the chance to earn a scholarship for the Jeanlogy program held this summer at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) in Richmond, USA.

Denimology has been invited by the owner of Pizarro, Vasco Pizarro, to be one of the judges together with Donwan in this awesome contest. And yes, I am going to be there, representing Denimology and helping to choose the future denim “jeaniuses”!

A few months ago, Vasco and Donwan sent me the top 30 chosen entries, and I had to help with the task of choosing the 10 finalists {see image above}. Oh man, was this ever difficult…so much talent, so much creativity – it was one of the most difficult choices ever for me, I simply loved all of the entries!

Now, this weekend, we will be selecting the five winners who are going to receive the scholarship. I am like right now on my way to Pizarro, which is located in Guimarães, Portugal and extremely stoked to be participating in this great event.

Thank you, Vasco Pizarro and Donwan Harrell, for inviting me!

I will update you all via our Instagram feed, and on Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned!

About Pizarro S.A.:

30 Years of History, 650 employees, 34,000 m2 of area, 50,000 garments per day, 4 new processes every each 6 months, 2 collections per year and 24 hours a day working to be the best.

Born in 1983, Pizarro S.A. soon became known by its innovation, which makes it one of the centers of fashion, referenced by top stylists and designers all over the world. It is one of the world’s leaders in finishing. Laundry, Dye House, Print House, and Finish House are some of the services that Pizarro offers to their clients. Pizarro, S.A. continually works to make a difference.

About the Paulo Ribeiro Competiton by Pizarro S.A.:

The Paulo Ribeiro competition was created in tribute to the first worker of Pizarro, S.A.  It is intended to provide a boost to the process of textiles creation, and thus to promote denim as a cutting-edge element.

The five finalists will be enrolled in a 5-week international study program.  This program will be under the supervision of Donwan Harrel, designer and owner of PRPS, based in New York, in partnership with VCU. The program will run for two weeks at the University, two weeks at PRPS headquarters and one week at Pizarro, S.A.

Furthermore, the five finalists will be awarded the following prizes:
First Prize: exposition of their project at an international trade show;
Second and Third Prizes: an internship at Pizarro, S.A. and exposition of the project at Pizarro’s showroom.