Siwy Brooke Seamless Skinny Jeans in LA Woman Review

It always amazes me how many new and exciting things denim companies continue to introduce us to. No matter what they are – super innovative fabrics, revolutionary fits, never-before-seen washes or even all of them combined, I am certainly always super stoked to test them out. Today I’ll tell you about the Seamless Collection, one of the latest breakthroughs by Siwy, and particularly about Siwy Brooke Seamless Skinny Jeans in LA Woman.

The Seamless Collection was created “to give you ultimate performance potential in denim without sacrificing style”, to give you a “jean that feels like a second skin”. And I must say that Siwy was able to fully accomplish these goals. By removing the side seams they took their skinnies very close to the ultimate comfort level of a legging. Additionally Siwy followed “the less seams the better” principal and opted for faux front pockets for the smoothest look and feel. The moment you put them on the first thought in your mind is “why wasn’t that done before?!”. The next one – “I need a second pair right away!”

Maybe these pants feel like a legging but they certainly don’t look like one. These are proper jeans with a strong, flattering fit and stylish design. Trendy, super high rise with the waist that hits you right at the belly button is a fabulous tummy flattening and leg elongating trick which never fails. Combined with a shorter inseam to show off some ankle the fit creates an overall leaner and longer silhouette. While sometimes high-waisted styles don’t do your tush justice making it look a little flat the Brooke stands out from the rest by making your behind look taut and toned.

Besides a fantastic fit this jean also features super stretch fabric that you’re gonna love! With its…..content it gives you 360 degree flexibility and unbelievable comfort. They keep their shape throughout the day and never lose their perfect look.

The LA Woman is an absolutely sensational wash! I love its clean, intensely bright light blue color which is so perfect for the spring and summer seasons. It exudes the cool vibes of a sandy beach, sun glistening over the ocean and palm trees moving in the breeze. Needless to say it’ll work perfectly with the typical summer color palette and will truly enhance your warm-weather wardrobe.

I was slightly nervous about the size – high-waisted silhouettes can be tricky in that sense. However the Brooke in my regular 24 worked out just perfectly!

Well, the Siwy Brooke Seamless Skinny Jeans in LA Woman are definitely a keeper! The brand did a truly amazing job here. No doubt the whole Seamless Collection is something special and definitely one to try!!!

The Siwy Brooke Seamless Skinny Jeans in LA Woman are available here.

Siwy Brooke Seamless Skinny Jeans in LA Woman - back

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