Siwy Felicity Mid-Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans in Thunderstorm Review - Front view 3

Hello denim lovers! It has been about a year since my last review and I am so happy to be back! I was on hiatus because I was pregnant and just had my baby in January! I have been working hard to get back to my pre-baby body these last few months so that I could fit into my jeans again! I was contacted to review a brand called Siwy and I was weary because I am not quite back to my pre-baby size. Luckily, these jeans are stretchy and fit me in my normal size, even with a few extra inches around my waist because they are SO comfortable! I am excited to share my review of Siwy Felicity Mid-Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans in Thunderstorm with you!

Siwy was founded in 2005 in New York and is currently based in Los Angeles. Their passion is “creating beautiful jeans that will grow and change with you.” This is fitting for me as my body has gone through a lot of changes in the past year and now more than ever, I need and want to feel comfortable in the denim I wear. Siwy is an environmentally conscious company that recycles water and produces new washes that use very little to no water at all. They emphasize that their flattering feminine look works with the curves of every woman. The Felicity Mid-Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans in Thunderstorm is truly unlike any other denim I have come across. They are made of 70% cotton, 25% polyester, and 5% elastane to have just the right amount of stretch and comfort. The inseam is 29 inches, front rise is 8.75 inches, back rise is 12.5 inches, and leg opening is 10 inches.

Siwy Felicity Mid-Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans in Thunderstorm Review - Back view

The Felicity Mid-Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans in Thunderstorm is a classic skinny jean with a dark gray wash. They can easily be a substitute for the skinny black jean because they really go with anything! I decided to style mine with a neutral sequin top and nude heels to really showcase the jeans. Since I still have a “muffin top” I was worried that when I sat down, the jeans would be too tight around my waist but they were not. Siwy states that as the jeans get broken in and stretch, they hug and enhance every curve which improves the jeans with each wear giving the denim longevity. The back pocket design is unique in that it is raised in a trapunto style quilt to contrast the wash as it is worn more.

In the short time that I’ve owned these jeans, I have already worn them twice; they are just so comfortable! The softness of the denim has an almost suede-like look and feel which keeps the jeans from looking and feeling too rugged for their color. Can I also mention that they were the PERFECT length for me? I am only 5’1” and many jeans are waaaaay too long for me but these actually were the right length. I would absolutely recommend Siwy’s Felicity Mid-Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans in Thunderstorm, they are a great addition to my closet, very different than any other denim I own!

Felicity Mid-Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans in Thunderstorm, available here.

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