Siwy at Nothing Like The Queen in Lebanon

I love it when paint and denim converge. Some might think it looks like you just finished painting a house, but I see it as art! There have been many painted jeans around over the years, some take this detail as a slight addition and some take it to full blown status. Either way, it’s fun to see what denim brands do with the paint element. Here is Siwy at Nothing Like The Queen in Lebanon…the Hannah in Gloria to be exact! It’s also cool being so stuck in our California bubble sometimes to see how far around the world our favorite brands go…it definitely goes to show how huge denim really is worldwide. Siwy, being nothing new to edgy, sexy and fun fits and cuts obviously has no trouble making its way around to stylish women everywhere! The Hannah is one of Siwy‘s most popular signature cuts, with a low rise and a “magical inseam” that creates the perfect fit. The greatest thing about this skinny is that it fits all sorts of body shapes, including the curvy types! It has a way of heightening and controlling curves for a streamlined fit, and just the right amount of hugtastic stretch with a 82% Cotton, 18% Polyester fabric blend.

With festival season being in full bloom, the Hannah in Gloria is sure to make some waves. Shop this pretty jean here, and view Nothing Like The Queen’s Instagram page here!