When we asked the Triarchy Trio why they wanted to expand their brand into the sustainable luxury category their response was beyond refreshing. This dialogue used to open their show at Toronto Fashion Week explains the roots of Triarchy’s newest addition, Atelier Denim.

“When you make something by hand it takes time. Time is also needed to appreciate it. It’s surprising to us that with all the conveniences of modern life no one seems to have the time anymore.

In this day and age with content getting thrown at us from every angle we’ve decided to try and slow things down to focus on details that are often lost due to over production and mass consumption.

Our mission at Triarchy has always been to craft the perfect pair of jeans and now we take this mission a step further.

Triarchy Atelier Denim is not mass produced. It is meticulously crafted by combining vintage denims and custom textiles.

We want to be part of a sustainable future. Designing pieces that will resonate with a few instead of reach the hands of thousands one day only to be discarded the next.

These handcrafted textiles come together with vintage denim to create an exclusive collection of sustainable luxury.

Welcome To The World Of Triarchy Atelier Denim.”

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the show check out the video above!

You will be able to purchase Triarchy Atelier Denim on the Triarchy website soon.

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